English - Sequential Shifting System
Germany - Sequential Shifting System
Czech - Sequential Shifting System
Japan - Sequential Shifting System


The SSS is revolutionary patented design that converts the standard H pattern shifting, to a fully sequential shifting mechanism. It is an external attachment for your gearbox, which means there is no gearbox intervention.
Installing the SSS will enable you to:

  • change gears without lateral movement
  • change gears fast, smooth and accurately
  • view selected gear on the Digital Indicator

Have you ever missed that crucial gear selection in a race or looking to shave those extra seconds? The SSS will give you the edge you need at a fraction of price you would pay for a sequential gearbox. With the SSS, the straight line gear pattern will mean missed gear changes will be a thing of the past.
The smooth transmission will enable you to change gears quicker as the distance for shifting is minimised, thereby gaining vital time over the course of a stage/lap.

Be the envy of your friends and take car modification to a new level! Not only will you drive in style, you will also gain additional performance through the faster and smoother gear selections of the SSS.
All components are attached to the gearbox and do not intrude into the interior of the car for a clean and professional finish. So what are you waiting for? Install the SSS and experience the feel and thrill of a racing sequential gearbox.

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